About sweepsmart

We are a business on a mission: to turn waste into happiness.


Our Vision

We believe in a world in which every community has an modern and efficient waste eco-system as foundation for progress and prosperity in balance with nature.

Our Mission

To build zero-waste eco-systems that make economic sense, serve the community, save the environment and create jobs to be proud of.
A modern and efficient waste sector as foundation for progress and prosperity.
We believe that healthy economic growth goes hand in hand with social and environmental progress. This requires a modern and efficient waste management sector with an inclusive economic perspective. So that the communities, governments, waste management companies and waste workers benefit from more prosperity in balance with nature. In other words: happiness can only thrive if everybody wins!
We connect and create. Advise and engineer. Develop and deliver. In short: We make it happen.

How can you realize smart waste management that entails a win for everybody? We help you make the leap from ambition to achievement! We have deep and longstanding experience in waste management around the world. Therefore, we know how to navigate the intricacies of waste management systems. We tailor global best practices to your situation.


Versatile waste managers by experience. Teamplayers by nature.

Our team has best-in-class global expertise to advise, engineer, develop and deliver waste management systems tailored to your situation. As hands-on impactmakers, we connect and create with local stakeholders to make it happen!


Niels wants to build end-2-end waste management services to upcoming economies. Like in Europe, but adapted to local circumstances, with the existing informal sector. With 15 years of experience as waste expert (certified cradle2cradle consultant) and former site - and operational manager in Europe, he can set up efficient waste management sites, logistics and processes.


Niels Van Den Hoek

Raghu wants to make impactful companies successful in India. He has a deep experience in financial management, accounting and advising companies on a range of financial and fiscal matters. He's supporting SweepSmart in all its endeavours in India.

Financial Director, India

Raghu Nathan P.R.

Rob creates the best out of two worlds by making a connection between two cultures, as he has shown in South America and Asia. With 25+ years of experience in all areas waste management (from collection to segregation, transport and recycling), having been CEO and operational director of several European waste management companies, he has a track record not many can compete with!

Country Director, India

Rob Tholenaars

Rohith wants to solve one of his country's biggest challenges: waste management. He is eager to get an opportunity to take in European knowledge and apply it in India. ‍ With 13 years of management, operations and engineering experience in waste management, he is making things happen: working with the teams on the ground to design improvement plans and and create change.

Project Manager

Rohith Kumar K.H.

Sandy is a passionate advocate for waste management and circular economy. She believes that changes are possible with the collaboration of all the people, and she wants to take part in the sustainability shift that is needed by her home country, Indonesia. With 4 years of experience in solid waste management and circular economy locally and internationally, she is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for her home country.


Sandy Indriana

Saskia gets excited by working on innovative approaches to tackle social and environmental challenges. She likes systemic approaches to solving big problems, but at the same time being pragmatic in the day-to-day adaptation of these to create impact. She has worked in finance and impact investing in Europe, Asia and Africa and has a particular interest in circular economy.

Senior Consultant

Saskia Werther

Siddharth wants to address climate change by combining technology and design. He believes in building connections and interdisciplinary collaborations to solve the waste issue and create a circular economy. With 7 years of architectural & urban planning experience and many years in waste, he brings a unique skill set to build waste infrastructure in upcoming economies.

Silvia believes in connecting people and ideas to solve the world's problems. In this case: solving the developing world's waste problem with local and foreign organisations.​ With 5 years experience as consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and 10 years as social entrepreneur, business developer, trainer and facilitator, she knows about running social businesses in a smart and collaborative way.


Silvia De Vaan

Surjya is an urban development consultant and researcher, working across themes such as infrastructure development, urban governance, Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks, and service design and implementation guidelines. She has over 4 years of experience in the urban development paradigm, with 3 years of dedicated experience in research and writing.

Urban Development Consultant

Surjyatapa Ray Choudhury

As of August 2019 Hmingtei, has joined SweepSmart as an Office Assistant. She is from the state Mizoram in the North East of India. It is her ambition to help the team and to grow with them in a sustainable manner. ‍ With her previous job as a teacher and her abilities to take good care of people, she is a wonderful asset to the company. Always motivated and positive, she sparkles in the office. Assisting the SweepSmart crew where ever needed & possible.




500.000 people need to be connected to waste management systems daily until 2040.

Sounds like a lot, but we have already started. We've created significant impact and plan to increase that exponentially together with you!


By creating future-proof, scalable waste management systems that provide decent jobs for waste workers, we create a positive impact and contribute to several SDGs.

Enabling sustainable cities and industries
By building modern & efficient waste systems, we make cities, communities and the industry more circular and sustainable

With better waste management systems, we cover many Global Goals. The key ones are here, browse over them to see more detail:
Enabling sustainable cities and industries
By building modern & efficient waste systems, we make cities, communities and the industry more circular and sustainable

Keeping the environment clean and hygienic
By empowering the organisations we work with to prevent waste leakage to the environment, we enable a clean living environment and reduce pollution caused by waste dumping and burning.
Reducing resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions
By enabling more waste to be recycled instead of landfilled, we reduce the need for virgin materials and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by producing these virgin materials and dumping and burning of waste.
Providing decent jobs for vulnerable waste workers.
By scaling up the capabilities of waste management organisations and their workers, we improve dignity and working conditions of waste workers, majority from vulnerable communities and many women.
Partnerning for the global goals
Waste is a systemic issue and we work with stakeholders in all areas to solve it, like governments, NGOs, companies, funders, communities and waste workers.



A coalition of 60+ innovators dedicated to combating plastic pollution. Together, we're pushing for an ambitious, legally binding UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution that is pragmatic and inclusive.


UN Global Compact

A non-binding United Nations pact to get businesses and firms worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report on their implementation.



An initiative from UN Habitat to support cities and local governments in addressing the global municipal solid waste management crisis, based on 12 key principles and 4 action areas.


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