We want to make our smart waste management knowledge available for the people and places that need it the most.

Our team has best-in-class European and local waste management and business knowledge to design the system for local circumstances. We have a pragmatic ‘localised’ project management approach to connect the right people and get the system working in local conditions.

Silvia de Vaan

Founder & CEO

Silvia believes in connecting people and ideas to solve the world's problems. In this case: solving the developing world's waste problem with local and foreign organisations.

With 5 years experience as consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and 4 years as social entrepreneur (including business development in India and setting up a factory in Tanzania), she knows about running social businesses in a smart way.


Niels van den Hoek

Niels wants to offer Indian municipalities and communities an end-2-end waste management service. Like in Europe, but adapted to local circumstances, with the existing informal sector.

With 10 years of experience as waste expert (certified cradle2cradle consultant) and former site - and operational manager in Europe, he can set up efficient waste management sites, logistics and processes


Founder & COO

Rohith Kumar K.H.

Project Manager 

Rohith wants to solve one of his country's biggest challenges: waste management. He is eager to get an opportunity to take in European knowledge and apply it in India.

With 8 years of management, operations and engineering experience in E-waste management, he is making things happen: working with the teams on the ground to design improvement plans and and create change


Country Director India

Rob creates the best out of two worlds by making a connection between two cultures, as he has shown in South America and Asia.

With 20+ years of experience in all areas waste management (from collection to segregation, transport and recycling), having been CEO and operational director of several European waste management companies, he has a track record not many can compete with!


Rob Tholenaars

Raghunathan P.R.

Director India (part-time)

Raghu wants to help young and entrepreneurial companies like SweepSmart to be successful in his country.

With 15+ experience in all areas of finance, accounting and legal at Deloitte and as an entrepreneur, he can structure our company, deals and partnerships and get it all done in a country that can seem like a jungle for outsiders!


Augustine J W

Augustine is an outgoing, self-motivated and versatile professional with over 15 years of experience in the areas of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Brand Building etc.,


He decided to follow his passion for the environment and joined SweepSmart to do his bit for the only home that we have in the universe.


Head Sales, Marketing and Business Development


Office Assistant

As of August 2019 Hmingtei, has joined SweepSmart as an Office Assistant. She is from the state Mizoram in the North East of India. It is her ambition to help the team and to grow with them in a sustainable manner.

With her previous job as a teacher and her abilities to take good care of people, she is a wonderful asset to the company. Always motivated and positive, she sparkles in the office. Assisting the SweepSmart crew where ever needed and possible.



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