Apr 2021

Project showcase: 10 tons/day facility for Chintan in Delhi

A nice story of how things can come together. Chintan was the first organisation we met in 2015 in India, who had set up a waste collection and sorting system run by a waste picker's cooperative in Delhi. They had an inventive manual conveyor belt system where the team was sitting in a long line and pushing the waste through to the next person.
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Then, the time was not yet ripe for our involvement to mechanise this. But now, we have delivered them a brand new sorting facility which brings their operations to a next level!  

We delivered them a turn-key solution, from design, to installing the equipment and supporting the construction works, until training the workers to operate this 'waste factory'. We supported them to overcome challenges in the construction phase to ensure the centre would be build properly. It was a great pleasure to work with one of the most renown waste and waste picker's organisations in India!