45+ years of experience to tackle your waste management challenges

Co-creating solutions to your challenges based on our experience in Europe and emerging and developing countries.

Technical, operational and business expertise at your service, from design to implementation.

A hands-on approach to make sure the solutions work in reality.

Work with us to:

Increase operational effectiveness

Work towards zero waste to landfill

Improve working conditions and QHSE

Create transparency in waste management

Build a clean living and working environment


Co-creative design, project management and operational improvement are our strengths. With a strong vision on where waste management in emerging and developing countries should be going. But most of all, we have a hands-on approach, working intensively with our customers and partners to create true impact! 

Our expertise crosses all areas of municipal and commercial solid waste management, from collection to transport and transfer, segregation and recycling or processing. The team has a variety of backgrounds: engineering, operations, management and business consulting.

Example projects: 

  • Technical support for sourcing and implementation

  • System design including operating model and business case

  • Waste management Gap Analysis, Strategy and Action plan

Partnering for impact 

Where needed, we involve local partners to give you the right answers. Like processing experts or local community development organisations.

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