Economic Times about us: "Waste Management goes Hi-Tech in Bangalore"

Great article in an Indian newspaper, presenting the optimisation of Electronics City Industrial Township (Elcita) waste management facility in Bangalore done by SweepSmart. In a facility wonderfully set up by Elcita, Waste Wise Management & Consulting Services (WWM&CS) collects, sorts and disposes of the waste from companies in Electronics City.

Together with SweepSmart, the site is optimised including a conveyor belt for sorting, better organised storage areas and Safety, Health, Environment and Quality processes. Quality and efficiency have improved through implementation of a collection app (together with Mindtree's 'I Got Garbage'), a KPI dashboard and process redesign. Service quality has increased with more than 100%, reject sent to landfill decreases and capacity will increase from 3 Ton to >10 Ton per day.

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