Progress - Starting at Hasiru Dala

Our newest adventure started in the Hasiru Dala office, on November 24th, where members from all the parties named below where present. We were warmly welcomed by the kind staff with some very good chai. Nalini gave us a short introduction in to Hasiru Dala and her impact; emphasising the importance in creating more sustainable opportunities for the waste pickers and other informal workers. Niels did a presentation on SweepSmart, highlighting the opportunities in the collaboration.

Succeeding the speeches we went to see one of Hasiru Dala’s sites for the first time. The site we will work with is the one of Sadashivaiah (we can call him Sada). Here we met part of his family, who also work in his ward, and all the other workers. Some of the pk’s (municipal workers who collect the waste and then deliver it to the ward) also dropped by. At the end of the morning we celebrated the successful kick-off with an extensive lunch. During the lunch we got to know each other better and shared some good stories and expertises on waste management.

Last week we continued our pilot with our second partner, Hasirudala. Additionally, we had a breakthrough at ELCITA: the conveyor belt has been approved. This means that we can start implementing. In the meantime we have already optimised the baling process, the site lay-out and implemented the Collection App by I Got Garbage.

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