Kickoff - Electronics City

After months of preparation, the moment of truth has arrived: the kick off of the pilot. The first days have been very promising, we are excited about working with this great team!

On Monday, 7th of November, the kick-off of the pilot took place in Elcita's office, where we were welcomed by the CEO, Ms.Rama, and the local team, who have given us the opportunity to execute the pilot at one of their facilities. Elcita is the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority who run and organise Electronic City, a technological hub in the South Western area of Bangalore, just outside the city. Elcita owns a sorting centre in the technological hub, which is run by a company, Waste Wise Management and Consultancy Services (WWMNCS), who focus on utilising waste. In addition to the above parties, the head of operations of the application and company IGotGarbage, a Mindtree initiative, will also be joining us for the pilot, as we wish to implement their application to reach our goals.

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