Our first years have been a great journey of impact together with our partners.

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Client: BBMP, Bangalore Municipality


Bangalore Municipality contracted SweepSmart to upgrade 10 Dry Waste Collection Centers within the City, in which SweepSmart converts the centers to modern and efficient Smart Waste Centers with new equipment, rebuilding, processes and a dashboard.

What's great about it?

  • Upgrading 10 out of 165 centers in Bangalore: ramping up Bangalore’s waste infrastructure to full scale source segregated waste handling

  • Unique partnership with governments from two nations: Bangalore Municipality, Karnataka State and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Centers managed by waste pickers as independent entrepreneurs and NGOs

10 Smart Waste Centres

Location: Across Bangalore, India


Client: UNDP & HCCB


UNDP India and Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages (HCCB) have joined hands to collect and recycle plastic and provide better livelihoods to waste workers to support HCCB in their Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) obligations. The project set up an integrated plastic waste management system from collection to processing at Chennai and Ghaziabad.


What's great about it?

  • Next to sorting also processing plastic waste (shredding, washing, pelletising)

  • Overall waste assessment, design site layout and waste processing flow

  • Source hardware with local suppliers 

UNDP & Coca Cola India

Location: Chennai & Ghaziabad, India

Client: Systemiq, Project STOP

On a mission to STOP plastic pollution, Systemiq is setting up waste collection and segregation in this port town with a wasted beach. We provided technical support in setting up the facility and way of working, including a new design conveyor belt! It shows the scalability of our model to other countries

What's great about it?

  • Segregated door-to-door collection of all waste at households

  • Indonesian suppliers found for conveyor belt and baler

  • New conveyor belt designed and installed within 2,5 months
  • Systemiq is scaling up this model across Indonesia

Smart Waste Centre

Location: Muncar, East-Java, Indonesia

Owner and operator: Hasiru Dala Innovations

With the mission to give the waste pickers a better price for the waste they collect, we set out on a new endeavour with Hasiru Dala Innovations: to bring waste directly from the waste pickers to the recyclers. We buy the waste from them, further sort and aggregate and sell directly to recyclers, or even end-users of the material.

What's great about it?

  • New facility set up within 3 months

  • Aggregation and sorting of paper,  cardboard, PET and plastics

  • Two loads shipped to direct end-users Bodyshop and H&M through partner Plastics for Change

Aggregation Centre

Location: Kambipura, Bangalore, India

Client: Electronics City Industrial Township Authority


While a lot of waste was already source-segregated at Electronics City, ELCITA felt we needed ​to take it to the next level. E-city Segregates! was born, a complete approach to support the companies, including the right tools, coaching, communication and a segregation dashboard.


What's great about it?

  • Ten pilot companies coached for 3 months

  • Full package of tools including posters, stickers and coloured bins 

  • Segregation improved more than 20% on average, with some heroes achieving more than 75% recycling!

E-city Segregates!

Location: Electronics City, Bangalore, India

Owner: Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA)

Manager: Hasiru Dala Innovations

This wonderful facility set up by frontrunner ELCITA was a great first pilot location. Together with ELCITA, I Got Garbage and the operator, we implemented a conveyor belt, new site lay-out and processes, collection app and dashboard.

What's great about it?

  • Collecting up to 9 ton segregated waste per day at 80+ companies

  • First conveyor belt and dashboard for this kind of facility in India

  • Service quality up to 98% after 2 weeks due to new scheduling & tracking system

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Location: Electronics City, Bangalore, India


Owner: BBMP (Bangalore Municipality)

Manager: Hasiru Dala

With a former waste picker running a centre set up by the municipality, this is a great model to replicate. The centre was completely upgraded including rebuilding, storage platform, conveyor belt and baler within 3 months thanks to great partnering with Hasiru Dala and BBMP.

What's great about it?

  • Independent waste picker team trained in managing a small factory 

  • Capacity tripled from 1.25 ton per day to 4 ton per day

  • Upgrading 10 more BBMP centres based on this example

Read more about this project here

Dry Waste Collection Centre

Location: Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, India


Client: WIPRO

SweepSmart conducted a gap analysis in the waste management system for two Wipro campuses at Electronic City, analyzing their waste generators (offices, canteen, etc.), existing methods of handling waste and proposing solutions from improved efficiency measures to better a segregation and logistic system.


What's great about it?

Wipro is front-runner in taking responsibility for their waste. SweepSmart advised ambitious projects to become even better:

  • Improving source segregation and on-site processing

  • Data monitoring across campuses to benchmark and share best practices

  • Bringing awareness on zero waste back to their employees’ homes!

Waste Management Assessment

Location: Wipro campus, Bangalore, India

Partnering for impact 

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