Are you a potential partner that has... 

...a project that can use (technical) support?

...a great concept or technology that fits with our offering?

...connections, funding or any other kind of support?

If you have a waste management project that can use technical, operational or business support, you can contact us to see if we can be of any help. For example, we can redesign the system or site, supply hardware or tools and train the local team.

Keep in mind that we are a company, so there has to be a client or investor in order to fund our work and any required tools or infrastructure. Of course we can provide a quotation for your specific requirements.

We look forward to work together and scale up our experience to other areas!

Do you have a great technology that recycles waste streams better than alternatives? Like small-scale recycling technologies, a solution for non-recyclable streams, or the best organic waste solution?


Or do you have a business or other kind of concept that fits with what we do? Like including to recycled materials your processes and products?

We may be able to integrate it in our offering, thereby scaling up your innovation, in particular in India and Indonesia.

Happy to explore how we can work together!

Do you know potential clients or corporate partners that would definitely be interested in our work? 


Do you know a partner that wants to further develop our IT system with us?

Do you know the perfect investor for us? You?


Do you know a mentor that can navigate us towards success like no-one else can? You?

Any other people or organisations we should definitely connect with?

Of course golden tips are always welcome!

We are always looking for partners to create more impact.

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Work with us on:


Efficient waste management


More recycling, less waste to landfill


Improved working conditions


Transparency in operations


A clean and healthy environment

"Sweepsmart brings best-in-class expertise for designing right-sized recycling sortation systems in challenging environments. The staff is 100% dedicated to getting every last detail right and making sure your operation will succeed.”


Jason Hale, Scaling Director, Project STOP, SYSTEMIQ

"They came, sat with the waste pickers and came up with a design that really works. It is much more ergonomical for them.”


Nalini Shekar, Managing Director Hasiru Dala Trust, waste pickers organisation Bangalore