Building a modern and efficient waste sector in upcoming economies
Mismanagement of waste is one of the biggest challenges the world faces today. In most upcoming economies, more than 90% of waste is openly dumped or burnt, while millions of waste pickers work under severe conditions. SweepSmart is a Dutch-Indian social enterprise that builds safe, efficient and inclusive zero-waste systems based on deep and longstanding experience in waste management around the world.
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We are your implementation partner, supporting you in every step of the journey.

Do you want to realise and accelerate smart waste systems that entail a win for everybody? We help you make the leap from ambition to achievement.






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We connect & create. Advise and engineer. Develop & deliver.

In short : we make it happen.



We work closely together with our clients and partners to co-create lasting change to the waste eco-system.


"Sweepsmart brings best-in-class expertise for designing right-sized recycling sortation systems in challenging environments. The staff is 100% dedicated to getting every last detail right and making sure your operation will succeed.”

Jason Hale, Scaling Director, Project STOP, SYSTEMIQ
"They came, sat with the waste pickers and came up with a design that really works. It is much more ergonomical for them.”

Nalini Shekar, Managing Director, Hasiru Dala Trust
"SweepSmart is not just another tech consultant. They involve the human factor, apply European expertise to the local context and get things done on ground." This all-round approach is hard to find, adding so much value in Waste management projects”

Mr. Shrikrishna Balachandran, Project Manager & Officer-in-Charge, UNDP India
"It was a pure delight working with the Sweepsmart Team. I continue to be impressed with their responsiveness and great attention to detail. With such great service and support (on field, on call and during trial run), Sweepsmart definitely makes the task of setting up material recovery facilities easier. Much appreciated!"

Nitu Joseph, Senior project manager, Chintan

A massive systemic shift is

needed for a zero-waste future.

If we all collaborate, we can do it!

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Inefficient waste management is a global problem which no one can solve alone.

That's why we support organisations and brands on their mission to realise circular waste management. Find out how we can help you here.
Waste management companies or NGOs

That want to recycle more and increase scale, efficiency and safety

A growing waste sector is looking for technical and operational expertise to scale up and skill up their potential. By optimising processes, equipment and team skills, we can increase capacity, productivity, recycling levels and transparency. We can build turnkey dry waste sorting and processing facilities including equipment, IT and training as well as develop and implement operational improvment plans.

Brand owners or plastic producers

That want to contribute to better plastic waste management infrastructure

Leaders in the plastic industry are taking charge to tackle plastic leakage into the environment by sourcing fairly traded recycled plastics or investing in waste management infrastructure or plastic credits. Emerging EPR regulations are demanding companies to do so. We support these companies to ensure investments are well-spent. We can provide expertise to (re)build waste management infrastructure. We can function as implementation managers and consultants, so that funded organisations follow the right QHSE standards, achieve the most with the given resources and ideally scale up beyond your initial investment.

Project funders or developers

That want to realise zero-waste projects with high impact and quality standards

More and more impact investors and institutions are allocating funds to develop waste management systems that prevent waste leakage into the environment and facilitate  sustainable communities and jobs. We can support as implementation consultants and managers and provide technical and operational expertise. We co-create solutions that work in the local context together with local stakeholders  to ensure local ownership and awareness, but make sure they are scalable to multiply your impact.

Governing bodies

That want a clean city, township, airport or campus with ‘zero waste to landfill’

We support governing bodies to define their waste management strategy and help with the transition to source segregation. We provide turn-key solutions from engineering to implementation for waste collection, sorting and processing. We involve local organisations and stakeholders to ensure that you implement solutions that create a win for everybody in the ecosystem.

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our biggest asset?

our people,
our expertise.

In 2016 we started with two daring impactmakers and one big idea. Now we are building a global talent pool with regional innovation and training hubs.

We connect with international experts to cover all technical and socio-economical topics in the waste domain, from innovation recycling technologies to informal sector inclusion.

Meet the faces that are always pushing the boundaries to get the job done.


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We work on a realistic solution for a really big problem. Ensuring waste is collected, segregated and recycled in a clean, efficient, inclusive and transparent way.

Want to know our view on the real waste problem in upcoming economies? Check out our interactive real waste story.

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