We offer professional waste management services to municipalities and companies, from turn-key end-to-end waste management systems to waste consulting

Our Smart Waste Centres collect and segregate dry recyclable or mixed waste to sell to recyclers or further process on-site.

The centres have advanced hardware, processes and IT, including a proprietary design conveyor belt and performance dashboard, to optimise operations and QHSE.

Four best-in-class centres are running in India and Indonesia

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We can set up a complete waste system for your city, township or campus from collection to transport and processing.

Tailored to the local context and leveraging existing facilities in place. Working towards zero waste to landfill through source segregated handling of waste.

Two of our facilities offer Integrated Solid Waste Management, for companies and households

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Co-creating solutions to your challenges based on our experience in Europe and emerging and developing countries.

Technical, operational and business expertise at your service, from design to implementation. A hands-on approach to make sure the solutions work in reality.

We have advised several governments and companies in India, Indonesia and Europe on their waste management.

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SweepSmart's RealWaste management

We turn waste pickers into waste managers, offering an integrated solid waste management solution to governments, institutions and companies. In our RealWaste system the waste is collected, segregated and recycled in a clean, efficient and transparent way.

Do you want to know all about the real waste problem in emerging and developing countries, and how our RealWaste solution works? Check out our interactive RealWaste story

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Four best-in-class facilities in India and Indonesia





Four best-in-class Smart Waste Centres with improved hygiene, ergonomics and effiency. Two centres handle everything from collection until processing of waste, one for companies, the other for households. We have a segregation toolkit to improve source segregation. 

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