We exist through partnering as it is the only way to bring together all the capabilities required to tackle this problem.
Meet the wonderful partners we made an impact with thus far.
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Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) supports Dutch SMEs that do business in developing countries and emerging markets by providing tailor made services.

DGGF has funded SweepSmart's pilot in 2016/2017 and is involved in co-funding a large project to set up 10 centres in Bangalore together with Karnataka State and Bangalore Municipality (BBMP).

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is the second-largest multinational professional services company in the world.


In their yearly "Social Impact lab", the Dutch office selects three social enterprises who win 2 years of full support from their services like consulting, legal and financial advice. They have been of great support to us since November 2017!

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Plastic Whale wants to create plastic-free waters by doing. They fish plastic from Amsterdam's canals, with boats from, huh, the fished plastic!

They also have a circular furniture line together with Vepa, of which 10% will be donated to a foundation, which supports our work in India, starting with our own centre in Bangalore!


Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) is the official governing body of Electronics City, one of India's largest tech parks housing over 200 global offices. Pioneering, they had set up their own waste management service and facility.


Together with them, we have upgraded their facility to a best-in-class facility as our first pilot location, and have developed the segregation approach "E-City Segregates".

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Systemiq wants to catalyse good disruptions in critical ecosystems, like the Circular Economy. Their Project STOP, aims to prevent marine plastic pollution by designing, implementing and scaling CE solutions.


We have supported the set-up of their first waste facility in Muncar, Indonesia, and aim to scale-up this model across Indonesia together!


Delft and Eindhoven University of Technology are two leading engineering universities from the Netherlands, renowned worldwide for their teaching and innovating capabilities.


We regularly work together with both of them by having groups of young smart students putting their brains together to co-create innovative solutions with us!

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Hasiru Dala Trust is an organisation of waste workers that works towards improving the livelihood and quality of life of waste pickers by providing them social services and livelihood opportunities.

We work together with Hasiru Dala to include waste pickers in the work we do, for example in our pilot location Dry Waste Collection Centre in Ward 44, Bangalore.

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Hasiru Dala Innovations is the sister company of Hasiru Dala Trust, providing waste management services employing waste pickers. 

Together with them, we have set up an aggregation centre in order to sell waste pickers' waste directly to recyclers, thereby striving to give them a higher price for the materials.

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I Got Garbage is Mindtree's initiative to bring a tech-driven revolution to transform the lives of wastepickers and help municipalities manage their waste better. 

Their apps are used in some of our current facilities and we have further developed new designs and functionalities together

We are always looking for partners to scale our solutions and co-create new ones