An end-to-end segregated waste management system tailored to your needs

We can set up a complete waste system for your city, township or campus from collection to transport and processing.

Tailored to the local context and leveraging existing facilities in place. Working towards zero waste to landfill through source segregated handling of waste.

Efficient operations requiring less space

More recycling, also of low-value waste

Better jobs for waste workers

Transparency through data management

Clean streets and nature!


Four best-in-class facilities in India and Indonesia



Four best-in-class Smart Waste Centres with improved hygiene, ergonomics and effiency. Two centres handle everything from collection until processing of waste, one for companies, the other for households. We have a segregation toolkit to improve source segregation. 

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A four-step solution to collect and process waste safely and efficiently


Segregated collection, transport and transfer

The waste is source segregated and collected in three streams gradually growing towards full source segregation, using our segregation toolkit.

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We choose the best handling mechanism with you: from basic to fully mechanised or Europe-meets-local solutions in between.

Segregation in Smart Waste Centres


In our Smart Waste Centres, dry recyclable or mixed waste is segregated to be sold to recyclers or further processed on-site.

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Organic and reject waste processing solutions

We offer organic waste processing solutions through partners, like the Indian company Mailhem-Ikos which has installed more than 300 biogas systems and manages several scientific landfills in India.

Tracking & monitoring through Smart IT

Operations are monitored by an IT system (under development) which tracks vehicles, waste flows and productivity.

This creates transparency and enables managing for continuous improvement. 



We offer care-free solutions. From design until operations are running independently

Our clients choose the operating model: Design, Build, Operate (DBO) or Design, Build, Implement, Transfer (DBIT). We can operate the system long-term or transfer operations to a local organisation. In the latter case we offer auditing services to ensure operations and QHSE remain up to standards.


We manage the sourcing process, select local suppliers and supervise construction and installation.

Operate or Implement and Transfer

After a period of intensive handholding, we keep striving for continuous improvement monitored by our dashboards. If operations are transferred, the local organisation is trained in doing so. 


The design of the site, hardware and workflow is tailored to the local context, based on ‘days in the life of’ to experience the existing way of working.


SOURCE SEGREGATION - That's a challenge!

Towards zero waste to landfill, step-by-step

Our designs are based on a segregated model in three streams (dry recyclable, organic and other waste). Maximising recycling or processing and minimising waste to landfill or waste-to-energy. But, knowing that source segregation will not happen in a heartbeat, our designs incorporate a transition period.

In this period, awareness and logistics need to go hand-in-hand. We have smart logistic solutions to accommodate for non-segregated waste in the transition period. While we use awareness campaigns and a segregation awareness toolkit (colour-coded collection and handling tools, awareness and communication materials, a dashboard for companies) to nudge waste generators to improve their source segregation.

We continuously scout for new innovative solutions across the world to recycle even more waste.

The RealWaste story

Wanna know all about how a segregated waste management system for emerging and developing countries would work?

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