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Are you a Company or Institution that wants... offset the environmental footprint of your business through EPR?

...a cleaner and more circular working, learning or living area? contribute CSR funds towards more circular and inclusive communities?

We offer solutions from to on-site waste consulting and implementation to showcase EPR or CSR projects

Work with us to have:

Efficient waste management processes

More recycling, less waste to landfill

Improved working conditions

Transparency in operations

A clean and healthy working and living environment


A total package to handle waste in a responsible and segregated manner

Source segregation and segregated handling is at the core of all our designs, as it increases recycling and reduces waste to landfill. We have a segregation toolkit to steadily work towards full source segregation.

Hardware can be supplied off-the-shelf (sorting conveyor belt, baler) or a customised design can be made or ordered.

A total package of tools, processes and training can be delivered, including collection, transport and transfer tools and Standard Operating, Maintenance and QHSE Procedures. 

Tracking and monitoring of operations is included in all our designs, thereby offering you transparency in quality and efficiency.


Local stakeholders or partners, like suppliers, empaneled waste vendors and recyclers are involved where needed to make it work.



We offer care-free solutions. From design until operations are running independently

The client chooses the operating model: Design, Build, Operate (DBO) or Design, Build, Implement, Transfer (DBIT). We can operate the system long-term or transfer operations to a local organisation. In the latter case we offer auditing services to ensure operations and QHSE remain up to standards.



Operate or

Implement and Transfer


The system design, hardware and workflow is tailored to the local context, based on ‘days in the life of’ to experience the existing way of working.


We manage the sourcing process, supply hardware or select local suppliers and supervise construction and installation.

Operate or Implement and Transfer

After a period of intensive handholding, we keep striving for continuous improvement monitored by our dashboards. If operations are transferred, the local organisation is trained in doing so. 


Four best-in-class facilities in India and Indonesia



Four best-in-class Smart Waste Centres with improved hygiene, ergonomics and efficiency. One centre collects waste from companies and is run in an economically sustainable way based on material revenues and a collection fee. We have advised companies on their internal waste management.

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"Sweepsmart brings best-in-class expertise for designing right-sized recycling sortation systems in challenging environments. The staff is 100% dedicated to getting every last detail right and making sure your operation will succeed.”


Jason Hale, Scaling Director, Project STOP, SYSTEMIQ

"They came, sat with the waste pickers and came up with a design that really works. It is much more ergonomical for them.”


Nalini Shekar, Managing Director Hasiru Dala Trust, waste pickers organisation Bangalore